Friday, September 30, 2005

Good Morning

Day one is over and we're ready for day 2! Dave wrote about the Capital Improvement Fund Talk Table and I'm still recruiting folks to talk about the Fundraising and Eureka Carnegie Library talk tables, so check back for updates.

Cynthia Berner Harris, Wichita Public Library, and Kirk Jurgensen, GossennLivingston Associates, Inc., shared with us the process they went through to design and build the Alford Regional Branch of the Wichita Public Library. Not only did we get cookies, coffee and a the chance to tour a really cool library, we also learned new words like chirrette and parti, or underlying geometrical scheme or concept that governs the design process.

Now we're ready for "How Not to Serve" and "Survivor: Promotion Island," the second part of Jami Schaeffer's branding and marketing workshop.


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