Friday, September 30, 2005

Display 911

Watermark Books and Cafe Guest speaker Beth Golay, marketing manager (beth.golay at
So many ideas, so of course I have to write them all down for your information :-)

* Readers judge a book by its cover! Publishers test galley's of covers to gauge reaction and make changes if necessary
* Have a stack of books with one face-out on an easel on the top of the
* Staff writes a review a day of recommended books that are then put on a bookmark with an image of the book on it.
* Use props to create a buzz around a book.
* Book reviews from the newspaper, for example a recent NY Times review compared and contrasted two books (On Beauty and Howard's End), and so both were used in a display with the book review.
* Plastic covered easel backs, available from Hutchison Company ($2.50) - tool for displays"
* Height always helps a display
* Display books related to a new movie, i.e. Capote - Breakfast at Tiffany’s, new Capote book by John Berrendt “Other voices, other rooms”, “In Cold Blood”, new graphic novel about Capote and Kansas, called “Capote in Kansas” and other books about Capote or by him, with props such as old movie canisters
* Use images of a book, provided by the publisher - posters from publishers - you can get promotional materials free from the book sellers! That info is in the publisher catalogs, or you can e-mail Watermark Books. Put the posters in the restrooms. "Bad Cat" and "Bad Dog" books and posters from publishers - neat new book. Hang posters off the front of the circ desk, in the bathroom, on table-top easels, in windows, in the foyer, etc.
* Get Event Kits from publishers - marketing and promotional information that you can use to generate buzz.
* Reading Group guides from publishers for book club organizers - these materials have ISBNs attached - get them from the publisher Web sites. Display the question guides with the book
* Print posters for events using a poster printer and laminator (more expensive option)
* Take full advantage of movie tie-ins with preview parties and props
* Old camera prop for photographer characters and old bottles for the book "Cottonwood" - pull out bits and pieces of the book to grab attention
* Display for a book called "Blood" - "words by women" series - Window display with a painting of the book jacket done quickly on a canvas (from Wal-mart) put on an easel and a jar with paint brushes next to it along with the book
* beach bags with 'beach reads' for spring and summer displays
* "The Wicked Sequel" by Gregory McGuire - ideas for displays: Wizard of Oz theme, black witches hat, red shoes/slippers, Broadway show scrap book that works as a tie in
* The bookstore has four large windows that can be used to display memorabilia, large posters (outsource printing once in a while - posters created in Publisher, saved as a .pdf and uploaded to the local printer, scan cover of the book for the poster, printed 2 and glued back-to-back so the poster can be seen from both sides)
* Display can be about "YOU" - example "resolve to try something new" "resolve to join a book club" "resolve to read to your kids" "resolve to read more books"
* Scan book covers and use bits and pieces as backgrounds and to use cover in posters and flyers
* Hang posters from the ceiling with pictures of customers and employees with favorite or influential books
* (ALA Graphics have "get caught reading" poster templates - sharon's addition)
* posters coordinating books with food from the cafe ex. humpty dumpty with a customer eating an egg sandwich
* Art displays and exhibits at the bookstore
* "City of Fallen Angels" - about the Venice opera house fire - prop ideas: Italian theme, opera glasses, candle, etc.
* Some props are bought, others are borrowed, bought off-season, a booktree out of cut-out galleys from bad books (teens made them as a program at one library - you can use donated items if you don't have galleys), greeting card displays from local drug store, scavenger
* How often do you change displays? Weekly to once a month - as long as they're being changed regularly then customers don't get bored
* Have a display that corresponds with e-mail promotions - if there's a Web presence, have an in-store presence.
* Staff pics changed often - books with a recommend/review card in them (any reason why we can't share reviews among librarians throughout the state? - Sharon's idea)
* Kid displays - face out displays to take advantage of the covers, cascading stacks with face-out displays, kid "recommends" cards with colored box and age range recommendations - colors of the rainbow correspond with age range - color coded recommends card with color changes to differentiate boy and girl-appropriate titles

Roy Bird thanked Watermark for supporting Kansas Libraries, distributing free copies of Bob Dole's biography and promoting Kansas authors.


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