Friday, September 30, 2005

Christie Brandau, You're Hired!

"Christie Brandau, our new State Librarian, has been here since February and we are so lucky to have her here in Kansas. Christie will truly be initiated as a Kansas in early October when her schedule will demand driving from Pittsburg to Norton for meetings back to back. After that trip she will forever by "our." Thanks for doing the wrap-up for us. It's been a really great conference; we know you will leave us with words of wisdom and the best to end with."- Opening comments from Rosanne Siemens

(Christie's PowerPoint will appear soon, but some of the comedy might be lost in translation)

Goals - "Extreme Makeovers":
* Unified interface for databases (think Google)
* Statewide, quick delivery of materials - task force forming now
* Simplified ILL (think Amazon)
(Serve teens through the Web - take the library to the customers)
* Serve the customers by shifting our attitude, so we can meet the customer's information needs wherever they are - Jenny Levine
* Deroy Murdock - library basher and Patriot act supporter, new article in American Legion called "Libraries of Terror" - "a place where we don't need an extreme makeover" - Christie will have an article addressing this issue in the next issue of Kansas Libraries, saying to shift and change, but stay solid with basics of librarianship and intellectual freedom.
* Conclusions - this will all be on the PowerPoint presentation :-)

I have to go get raffle prizes now...thanks for reading.


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