Thursday, September 29, 2005

Amazing Space

Hans Fischer (architect extraordinaire, current president of KLTA & a past president of FOKL) teamed up with Kiersten Allen from the Louisburg Library and Sue Blechl from the Emporia Public Library to deliver an informative and entertaining presentation on making the most of your library space. Little changes can make an amazing difference in the usability and aesthetic appeal of your library!

Sue Blechl talked about not only becoming ADA-compliant but also increasing the usable space in her library. For example, a generous donation from a community member funded the transformation of an unused area into three study rooms that are available for those needing a quiet space for study. The rooms are used by Vista tax preparation volunteers, by literacy tutors, etc.....

Kiersten Allen emphasized her favorite money saving tip -- watch Kan-Lib! When she was looking for shelving for Lousiburg a message was sent out on Kan-Lib about Topeka having shelving they were getting rid of.... Kiersten jumped on the offer and was able to save a HUGE amount of $$.


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